The residential elements of the modules and programmes are held at the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) located at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).




Nestled in a disused slate quarry on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park, CAT is concerned with the search for globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life. The centre is both an education and visitor centre, demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability. CAT is also a living laboratory containing some of the most innovative and renowned environmentally conscious buildings in the country, as well as one of the most diverse ranges of installed renewable technologies, on-site water and sewage-treatment, sustainably managed woodland and acres of organic gardens. A holistic approach is taken at the centre, integrating ideas and practice relating to land use, shelter, energy conservation and use, diet and health, waste management and recycling. Through its resident community and work organisation, CAT is also committed to the implementation of co-operative principles and best achievable environmental practices.

CAT was founded in 1973 by Gerard Morgan-Grenville who conceived "a project to show the nature of the problem and show ways of going forward." It was originally a community dedicated to eco-friendly principles and a 'test bed' for new ideas and technologies.  Since then, CAT has grown to become Europe's leading eco-centre, receiving tens of thousands of visitors every year, who come to learn about its work.  The Centre also hosts schools visits, runs short courses and postgraduate degrees, and continues to research new approaches to environmental challenges through its flagship Zero Carbon Britain project. CAT is constantly changing and adapting as it produces new projects, schemes and ideas, building on over three decades of knowledge and experience. As an educational charity, CAT relies on the support of people who care about our world and are keen to help find practical, positive solutions to urgent environmental challenges.


 Centre for Alternative Technology


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