Stassie King

MSc, MSc, Organisational Psychologist


Meet the Team Stassie King

Stassie King is an Organisational Psychologist, Performance Coach, and Intercultural & Expat Global Leadership Coach.  Stassie’s clients vary from expats and their families around the world, through C-level leaders of Financial & IT Corporations, to EU institution officials and SME owners. Stassie’s work experience includes team facilitation & training of multinational teams and organisations in transition.  She is also as an accredited expert trainer & coach for the European Commission and EU Parliament. She has been involved in movements for rebuilding democracy in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall; Stassie was a programme lead of Community Integrated Projects for US Peace Corps in Bulgaria.  She has also worked on EU programmes on building healthy urban communities, raising awareness of European cultures to EU functions, and citizen inclusion (Europolis). Stassie believes that ‘’home is not a piece of soil, but a peace of soul’’ (Pico Iyer). And she helps people rebuild their ‘homes’ in times of organisational or personal transition. Stassie is a qualified Mindfulness (MBSR) teacher and integrates Mindfulness practice & approach into her work with teams, and within coaching process, as required. Stassie also holds two Master degrees, in Psychology and Educational Research, from Sofia University, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels.

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