Positive Activism


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
R. Buckminster Fuller



Our society is environmentally, economically and psychologically unsustainable. As Einstein is purportedly to have said, a problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it. We need activists to raise to lead our society to a new level of consciousness.


Activism is about creating social, political, economic and/or environmental change and is, therefore, very much aligned with our purpose to co-create a more sustainable society. However, most activism creates division as it encourages people to take sides. Our differences, in being for or against or deciding who is right or wrong, separate us. These differences create energy which can manifest in verbal or physical violence. This type of activism is misaligned with our purpose.


Our positive activism uses the energy of difference to stimulate and create change. Difference creates the opportunity for listening and dialogue. Rather than focusing on the negative and what divides us, we focus on the positive and what could unfold in the space between us as we come together. We use disruptive listening to enable people to be changed by what they hear. We use dialogue to enable people to find their voice. Through listening and dialogue new perspectives are found which unite not divide. Together we can create a better future.


We seek to create change though being inclusive and positive though a variety of different ways:



Working Groups


We currently have three Working Groups:


  • Reclaim Leadership – Creating a new narrative for leadership which is inclusive and positive.
  • Create A New Path – Mapping a new path to sustainable leadership for young leaders to follow as they develop and grow.
  • Sustain Community – Co-creating a model of community that serves society. This includes building the Create Seven community, a place and space for people to come together to dialogue, learn, practice and develop.


As Create Seven develops and grows more ‘Working Groups’ will inevitably emerge.



Walking on the Earth


A walk between Schumacher College in Devon and the Centre for Alternative Technology in Snowdonia to raise awareness of how leadership in our society is disconnecting us from nature, each other and ourselves, leading to our society becoming unsustainable. It will be a walk of reconnection with mindfulness, creative dialogue and connecting with nature along the way.





Through a series of filmed interviews, we are exploring different people’s perspectives on leadership.  These include the current challenges they experience, their future hopes, and their personal drivers for change. 



Film and Dialogue


Events showing challenging film or documentary is shown followed by a ‘Creative Dialogue’.



Festival of Positive Activism

Once a year we plan to have a Festival of Positive Activism.  During this Festival we will use techniques drawn from World Café, Open Space and Rapid Prototyping to enable us all to co-create the future.  These will be interspersed with activities that develop our creativity such as music, art and story telling.  We will also have lots of opportunity to reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves.  



If you would like to join us in the positive activism needed to bring new leadership into our society, click on the ‘Get Involved’ button and join our community in the way that works best for you.

bringing imagination, science and humanity to create the future together.