When we say to people we believe everyone is a leader, the response we sometimes get back is “no I’m not a leader”.  Further discussion around how we all lead every day can then prompt the response “no, I don’t want to be a leader”.  It has become clear, from their perspective, ‘leadership’ is a dirty word and they don’t want anything to do with it.  Yet from our perspective, we see them leading every day. It is the prevailing narrative coming through our televisions, radios and newspapers on a daily basis, that is leading people to experience leadership as being elitist, divisive and negative.


If we are to create a more sustainable future, we must do it together.  We need to reclaim the word ‘leadership’ for everyone. We recently started this process by holding a Bohm Dialogue Workshop, facilitated by Creating Meaning, with the aim to create new narratives of leadership. This podcast is the Check-Out from this workshop where everyone shared the insights they had gained.  



If you would like to bring people together and have a Dialogue creating new narratives of leadership, contact us and we’ll be pleased to share our experience and help you get it organised and facilitated. Alternatively, you can join in with the dialogue in our Facebook Group.

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