Winter 2019

There's plenty to talk about since the Winter edition, including November's Discovering New Leadership module, a new Young Leaders workshop and another fantastic Storytelling for Social Change workshop in Bristol.


Autumn 2018

It’s been a busy few months. We’ve been discovering new leadership, storytelling for change, writing articles and being in nature.


Summer 2018

In this edition, we introduce you to 'Positive Activism', update you on the Discovering New Leadership module which took place in Snowdonia at the start of July, and talk again about our Working Groups and other ways you can 'Get Involved'.


Spring 2018

In this edition we take you through our activities since Issue 1, such as the creation of three working groups, a Bohm Dialogue Workshop, the delivery of our Pilot 'Introduction to New Leadership' in Snowdonia, and also all of our upcoming programmes and events.


Winter 2017

We are a brand new, and soon to be, not for profit co-operative owned by its members. The community is a welcoming, open and safe place where leaders can come together to collaborate, share and innovate. By doing so, we can help lead society through these volatile and uncertain times, into a more sustainable future.

bringing imagination, science and humanity to create the future together.