New Leadership Development




Foundation Modules

These modules provide the foundations from which leaders are able to build their development towards New Leadership. The modules provide leaders with the basic toolkit enabling them to fully engage in the ‘Co-create Leaders Programme’.

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Co-Create Leaders ProgrammeCo-Create Leaders Programme

A programme to develop New Leadership which includes: Orientation Guidance, Gaining New Perspectives, Workplace Activities, Coaching, Intensive Development Week, Leadership Challenge, Action Inquiry, and Review Weekend.

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Leading in Nature EventsLeading in Nature Events

These weekend events enable people to develop their leadership whilst being out in nature, through Walking and Coaching, Mindful Mountain Walking, Mindful Canoeing, Solo Quests, and Dramatic Leadership.

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Young Leaders ProgrammesYoung Leaders Programmes

We are currently collaborating with young people, education providers and youth workers to map out a new path for the development of young leaders.

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Going DeeperGoing Deeper

Opportunities for leaders to continue their development by engaging at a deeper level with some of the activities they experienced during the Intensive Development week of the Co-Create Leaders Programme.
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