Mindful Leadership


Mindful Leadership


During this two day module, leaders are given the opportunity to learn and practice the mindfulness techniques.  Through regular practise, these techniques enable leaders to visit the states of consciousness associated with the post-conventional stages of New Leadership.  These experiences pave the way for the leaders to develop to these stages. By actively encouraging a mindful state of consciousness, we can transcend the constraints of the ‘Me’ identity of our ego and move towards the ‘I’ of our witness self.  

Mindfulness has been defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn as, "paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally".  It can be useful to develop mindfulness before engaging in the techniques to develop our thinking, feeling and acting.  This is because the techniques to develop these lines of consciousness often require us to observe how we are thinking, feeling and acting. Our development is accelerated and sustained through becoming consciously aware of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and ensuring that they are appropriate for the situation we are facing.


During the module the leaders will go on field trips within the grounds of the Centre for Alternative Technology.  The module ends with the leaders capturing their learning and determining the next steps in their development.


We ensure all our events, modules, and programmes are open to people from across our society so that everyone has equal opportunity to develop and bring their leadership to co-creating a more sustainable future for us all. 


Independent Fee: £265.00 Cost* plus Pay As You Can**
Not-for-Profit Fee: £500.00
Corporate Fee: £600.00

Fees include single accommodation (2 nights), all meals, field trips, materials and facilitated sessions.


*Covers the cost of the accommodation and food.

** We want to support you and we can only do so with your support. Read more ...





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