Field Trips


The Old Quarry


During the residential elements of the modules and programmes the leaders are able to take many of the activities out into the grounds of the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).


The Old Quarry


The Old Slate Quarry, Centre for Alternative Technology

The woodland and quarry trails at CAT bring people closer to nature and local heritage, illustrating the impact that humans have had on biodiversity, and helping us to understand how humans can also create landscapes that actively benefit nature.  During all the modules and programmes we will encourage the leaders to find their own place in the grounds of CAT where they can go and reflect and resource themselves.  Just by going to their own place, leaders are better able to maintain their resilience while they are being challenged to learn and develop.  


Centre for Alternative Technology





During various modules, programmes and communities of practice the leaders are led out into the wilderness of Snowdonia.  During this field trip the leaders will gain insights into the ecology, geology, myths and legends of the area around Cadair Idris.  Using Biomimicry techniques and metaphors the leaders will apply these insights to their own work and personal development.



Cadair Idris, Snowdonia


As research has found that just being in the wilderness facilitates people’s development to the post-conventional stages, the leaders on the Co-Create Leaders Programme will be given the opportunity to spend time alone in Snowdonia.  Although only a two hour period, this  is an opportunity for the leaders to reflect on their purpose in life and how they can bring this into their leadership.  Just being in the wilderness enables the leaders to quieten their mind and focus on what is important.  The awe and beauty of the mountainous surrounds will provide leaders with additional inspiration and encouragement.

There are many options for the field trip into Snowdonia.  This ensures that we will be able to provide a field trip that is suitable for everyone within the group.  It will be led by an experienced and qualified expedition leader.

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