A day of kindness and comfort amidst these turbulent times


December 6th 2019 - 10am-4pm Bridge 5 Mill, Manchester, M4 7HR


Are you working hard to make a meaningful difference to your family, workplace, community or our planet? Thank you. The world needs you!  

This is a day for learning practices, tools and approaches to restore and re-balance and time to be comforted and energised. A day to be human and be with humans. A rare day to acquire new skills, understand the science about our own humanity, remember inner wisdom and to collate tools to take away, that will enable you to continue to restore yourself and rebalance back out in your world.


Restore & Rebalance


We all seek greater ease, balance and energy if we are to sustain ourselves in order to sustain others. It is in these troubling times that developing a safe, warm space to restore and re-balance ourselves is vital for our wellbeing, clarity and energy.

Facilitated by a sustainable development psychologist, mindfulness facilitator and personal development coach you will experience meditation, dialogue, poetry, stillness, movement and silence.

No experience of anything other than being human required. Come in comfortable clothes, and bring an open heart and mind to give yourself all that you need and to take what you need from this one day together.

Jill Chapman BA, MSc, AFBPSs, Cpsychol, FRSA is an HPC Registered Occupational Psychologist. A highly experienced facilitator, coach and mindfulness trainer, qualified in a wide range of tools and instruments to enable people to achieve their full potential. She has international experience working in public, private and not for profit sectors. Jill uses Mindfulness, Embodiment, Acceptance and Commitment Training and a range of psychological tools and techniques in her work.


£38 – Sliding scale and bursary options available, more info on Eventbrite . Limited availability

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