November 15th 2019 - 10am-4pm Clophill Eco Lodges, Bedford MK45 4BP


Changing your perspective can bring about a change of mind. This experiential and creative workshop shifts the focus from a mental perspective to a sensory, instinctive and embodied one with the help of model-making with plasticine, mindful movement meditation and reflection.

The way you move physically in response to people, situations and events can be reflected in how you mentally move and navigate yourself. To influence change and create new possibilities, you will explore through the sensory awareness of your body and its ever-changing relationship to gravity.  You will do this using gentle movement, indoors and outside, in and around the beautiful ruin of St Mary’s church.  You will be revisiting what is familiar as well as finding new and different perspectives.

Mindful movement is grounded in the science of movement, in that when you move will ‘feel’ yourself from the inside.  Focusing on the sensations created from the moving body will bring you into ‘here and now’. This meditative space quietens the mind and enables you to listen and learn from nature. The physical experience of finding balance in different positions can translate into your thoughts fostering new ideas that create clarity for moving forward.

The day also offers a welcoming space to connect with others, share, and find out more about the Create Seven community.  


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