22nd of February 10:00 - 3:30, Friends Meeting House, 1 Paynes Park, Hitchin SG5 1EH


A nourishing workshop exploring, discovering and sharing story. A guided space to experience how story can activate social change.


About this Event


How can story strengthen, encourage and nourish us as we seek and work, in perilous times, for a sustainable and inclusive relationship with Earth, all of its inhabitants and each other?

What can story and the practice of storytelling help us remember - put back together again?

As we work at ourselves, and aid each other in this endeavour, how can older and newer stories, metaphor and imagination deepen and support our practice? What is our personal narrative?

In this workshop there will be opportunities to explore and reflect on the key questions alongside listening to a variety of stories from different genre. There will be an explanation and demonstration of an approach to storytelling which is particularly effective in evoking imagination, wondering and personal thinking. The intention is not to teach a particular approach or template but, rather, to offer insight into helpful processes and styles.

There will be time, individually or in safe small groups, to consider and practice story work using skills, frameworks and knowledge gained during the first part of the day. You may already have a story to develop or an idea or message to work on or these may emerge during the day

Quiet, humour, stillness and enquiry will also be threads through the workshop.

The day also offers a welcoming space to connect with others, share, and find out more about the Create Seven community.


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