Discovering New Leadership



Our society is destroying our future and that of generations to come. Our old leadership is now unsustainable.  We now need New Leadership. Discovering New Leadership will springboard your leadership capability to the highest stages.  The focus of this module is to provide you with developmental experiences which will help you to transition to the post-conventional stages of leader development.  To enable you to engage in these developmental experiences we also provide a little teaching of knowledge and training of skills.


For a participant's perspective, take a look at Jess's experience.  Some images from the module we delivered in March 2018 are in our Gallery


By joining us in this two and a half day module you will be able to: 


  • Explore what New Leadership is, why it is needed, and how it can be developed
  • Experience activities that facilitate leaders developing the capability to demonstrate New Leadership
  • Cultivate new leadership back in your workplace and community




This module will enable you to explore the concept of New Leadership by co-creating the answers to these questions:

  • Why does our society need New Leadership?
  • What is New Leadership and its relationship with the post-conventional stages of adult development?
  • How do we transition to our next stage of development?
  • How do we prepare to make the transition to post-conventional stages of adult development?




During this module you will have the opportunity to engage in activities which will facilitate your transition to the post-conventional stages of development.  These include:

  • Mindfulness - witnessing thoughts, emotions and behaviour to gain agility and experiencing a state of consciousness associated with the higher stages of development
  • Connection with wilderness and nature - helping us to drop our own ego and learn from nature
  • Creative Dialogue - connecting with other people and thinking together to co-create the future




During the last session of the module before the 'closing' activities you will be guided to determine how you can cultivate new leadership back in your workplace and community.



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Places Available




1st - 3rd July 2019

Centre for Alternative Technology, Snowdonian National Park, Wales




We ensure all our events, modules, and programmes are open to people from across our society so that everyone has equal opportunity to develop and bring their leadership to co-creating a more sustainable future for us all. 




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