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Storytelling for Social Change London

 8th March, London


How can story strengthen, encourage and nourish us as we seek and work for a sustainable relationship with Earth, all of its inhabitants and each other?  What can story and the practice of storytelling help us remember - put back together again?  As we work at ourselves, and aid each other in this endeavour, how can older and newer stories, metaphor and imagination deepen and support our practice?

18th March 2019, Spike Island, Bristol


Our society is destroying our future and that of generations to come. Our old leadership is unsustainable. We now need new leadership. We are all leaders and, together, we can create a more sustainable future. This workshop provides Change Makers with a taste of developmental techniques which facilitate the development of new leadership.

1st – 3rd July, Snowdonia, Wales

29th Septmeber to October 1st, Snowdonia, Wales
25th to 27th November, Snowdonia, Wales


Our society is destroying our future and that of generations to come. Our old leadership is now unsustainable.  We now need New Leadership. Discovering New Leadership will springboard your leadership capability to the highest stages.  The focus of this module is to provide you with developmental experiences which will help you to transition to the post-conventional stages of leader development.

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