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In our experience, there are some interactions, articles, workshops and courses that have been of great value to us and we have paid very little, and some that have cost a lot and been less transformational.  We don’t necessarily know the value of a development activity until we have had the experience, and this will be different for each of us.  At Create Seven we therefore are experimenting with economic models and approaches that enable the future of what we bring to be secured, whilst also ensuring that everything we do is fair, inclusive and provides developmental value.  

This donation page opens up an opportunity for you to “donate what you can, when you can”, at any point before, during or after a connection with Create Seven.  This donation is extremely valuable to ensuring the sustainability of our not-for-profit co-operative. We hope to be able to continue to share our developmental experiences so that you and future participants can continue to gain the benefits and value. Together we can co-create a more sustainable future.


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