Doe Warnes



Meet the Team Doe Warnes

Doe is a workshop facilitator at Create Seven

Doe is a Somatic movement educator/teacher, Dance/movement therapist, shiatsu practitioner and anatomy & physiology tutor. Over the last 40 years she has given shiatsu to people of all ages, abilities, cultures and health issues and has taught extensively throughout London and Hertfordshire. Doe combines knowledge of the body/mind, taken from an eastern and western point of view, with a sensory experience of the moving body.
Connecting deeply to our inner selves and to our outer environment with greater awareness often brings a feeling of being grounded and integrated. This can promote health, well-being and ease of movement.

Doe has always been inspired and fascinated by the human body, from the scientific to the esoteric. She is committed in raising body-awareness as a way to find inner resources and support within nature. She has taught within a range of professional trainings including: Roehampton University, The British School of Shiatsu, The City Lit and Eastern Europe, as well as her own workshops and in collaboration with other professionals.

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