Diversity and Inclusivity


We use the energy of difference to stimulate and create change. Difference creates the opportunity for listening and dialogue. Rather than focusing on the negative and what divides us, we focus on the positive and what could unfold in the space between us as we come together.


Many elements within our society highlight and promote the differences between us in ways that separate us into competing groups.  This encourages us to take sides in being ‘for or against’ and we then soon adopt a ‘them and us’ perspective on the world.  We become fearful of ‘the other’ and to protect our own group we seek to undermine the other group’s views and demolish their arguments.  We get caught up in our own ‘group think’ and nothing changes in our own minds or in the minds of other people.  If we do not change our minds, our society will not change.


On our events, modules and programmes people experience that through listening and dialogue new perspectives are found which unite not divide. We use disruptive listening to enable people to be changed by what they hear. We use dialogue to enable people to find their voice.  If we are to create change in our society, we must do it together.  We are all leaders and, together, we can create a better future.


bringing imagination, science and humanity to create the future together.