Discovering New Leadership


“We cannot solve our current problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein
The Create 7 team warmly invite you to explore and discover your full potential on our highly recommended leadership development course.


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 Discovering New Leadership



Past participants have left the experience with new skills, tools, insights and energy that can be applied back in their worlds.  They feel empowered and emboldened to introduce new patterns, practices, approaches and ways of living and working and are reaping the benefits of these in their business, workplaces and homes.


“Professionally run by warm and qualified people with a wealth of experience.  The structure was well balanced and left enough flexibility to adapt in real time to participant needs.”

“The content and delivery is inspiring and the connection to the group was amazing.”

“The venue is incredible . The whole experience from being greeted on arrival, morning walks and meal time discussions made the module more enjoyable”

“The course certainly helped provide shape and substance to my belief that we have to embrace new thinking and metrics in both personal and business leadership in order for the transformational behaviours that are necessary for us to live within our planetary boundaries”

“Such a different course and has already started to pay dividends in my working and home life.”

“The location, the content, the delivery and the overall experience were excellent, well paced with a good balance between information and experiential elements”

During your time on this immersive 2 day experience, you will be part of a group exploring and discovering:


  • What is new leadership? Why is it needed?
  • Why traditional leadership won’t tackle today’s challenges
  • Intelligences we can draw on to help navigate uncertain territory
  • Changes we want to make
  • Confidence to bring our leadership to life
  • Activating connections, networks and interactions to achieve our full potential.

Facilitated by experienced business psychologists, leadership development experts and nature based facilitators, this two day course takes place at two venues across the year. West Lexham, Norfolk and The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.


This video provides further participant insights following attending this course…

Discovering New Leadership

Date Location
15th and 16th September West Lexham, Norfolk

We value inclusivity and are a co-operative organisation.  We hold two places per course at discounted rates for those who would otherwise not be able to attend.  Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a call with Jill or Gary to chat about this request.

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How the module will be delivered during Covid-19…


  • We have completed a full risk assessment of the site and planned the event to achieve the covid guidelines throughout.
  • Each participant has their own room and bathroom or ensuite.
  • The indoor workshop space is large and we will be together at distance both inside and outside.  We will not be mixing with other groups on site and are self contained for workshop, dining and sleeping all in one centre.  
  • The majority of the course we will be outside in various spaces on the site.
  • Our meals are bought in by a catering company who is complying with all the safety guidelines.  We will eat only with our group the whole time in the same workshop space.  The tables will allow distance at meal times.  
  • Hand gel and sanitiser is available throughout although we expect you bring your own as well.

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