Developing New Leadership: For a More Sustainable Society


The fundamental purpose of any leader is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the followers, teams, organisations, communities or society they lead.  We are all interconnected.  We cannot succeed in the long term if we are causing other people to fail.  We cannot survive in the long term if our leadership is creating harm to the communities, society and environment we depend on to give us life.  Yet many leaders today focus on meeting short-term goals to the detriment of long-term needs, and they focus on achieving their own success to the detriment of the people their leadership should be serving.  

For organisations to be sustainable in the long term, the society that organisations serve also needs to be sustainable.  The decisions made, by leaders of our organisations, collectively create the society in which we live.  Every service or product we use has been influenced by a leader.  When we purchase these products or services we are leading the whole supply chain, which in itself has collaborated to serve us.  We are all leaders and, together, we can create a more sustainable future.

In section one of this short book we explore how our society is unsustainable.  In doing so, we draw on research into the sustainability of our environment, economic system and psychology.  In section two we challenge the old leadership that is creating this unsustainability and introduce the new leadership that can enable us to co-create a better future.  Finally, in section three we demonstrate how new leadership can be developed.

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