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Creative Dialogue is the process of thinking together to create something new.  When we think alone our thoughts are often filled with memories and influenced by our assumptions, which then go unchallenged.  When we think together, using the techniques of Creative Dialogue, we have new thoughts, which often take us by surprise.  The intention of Creative Dialogue is to reach new understanding and, in doing so, form a totally new basis from which to think and act.  It is important for leaders to have the ability to engage other people in Creative Dialogue as the problems we face today are too complex for one brain to solve.  Creative Dialogue seeks to harness the ‘collective intelligence’ of people.  Together we are more aware and smarter than we are on our own.  Without using the techniques of Creative Dialogue we quickly become entangled in our usual patterns of discussion, debate and negotiation.  We end up advocating and defending our views, whilst judging and dismissing views of other people.  In doing so, the collective intelligence of the group is often lost and rarely do we create something new.  

The practice of Creative Dialogue enables us to experience a ‘state of consciousness’ where we let go of our separate ego identity and experience the states of consciousness associated with the post-conventional stages of New Leadership. The techniques allow us to transcend the self-protective ‘block’, we use as a hedge against our fear of uncertainty. We gradually learn to live in harmony with ourselves and with others as we communicate freely in a creative movement. During this two day module, leaders are given the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques of Creative Dialogue.  These include non-judgement listening, holographic participation, unfolding thinking and authentic voicing.  When using these techniques we are able to build participation, coherence, awareness and the unfolding of the new within a group.  

During the module the leaders will go on field trips within the grounds of the Centre for Alternative Technology.  The module ends with the leaders capturing their learning and determining the next steps in their development.


We ensure all our events, modules, and programmes are open to people from across our society so that everyone has equal opportunity to develop and bring their leadership to co-creating a more sustainable future for us all. 


Independent Fee: £265.00 Cost* plus Pay As You Can**
Not-for-Profit Fee: £500.00
Corporate Fee: £600.00

Fees include single accommodation (2 nights), all meals, field trips, materials and facilitated sessions.


*Covers the cost of the accommodation and food.

** We want to support you and we can only do so with your support. Read more ...



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