Invitation to Dialogue


What comes to mind when you think of leadership?

We have found that a lot of people experience the word ‘leadership’ as being divisive, elitist and negative.  We need to ‘reclaim’ the word for everyone so that it’s not just seen as belonging to people in positions of power and authority. This will involve us co-creating a new narrative for leadership which is inclusive and positive. To start co-creating a new narrative for leadership we, in partnership with Creating Meaning, are holding a free one-day Bohm Dialogue workshop.   
Bohm Dialogue, developed by the physicist David Bohm, enables people to think together to create something new.  When we think alone our thoughts are often filled with memories and influenced by our assumptions, which then go unchallenged.  When we think together we have new thoughts, which often take us by surprise.  Bohm Dialogue seeks to harness the ‘collective intelligence’ of people.  Together we are more aware and smarter than we are on our own.   
During the morning of this workshop we will practice the skills for dialogue, which include listening, non-judgement, suspension & inquiry, thoughts vs thinking, creating meaning, new thinking and values.  In the afternoon we will then engage in a dialogue to create a new leadership narrative.
This workshop will be held in London on 25th February 2018.  To book your place follow this link 

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