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A nine month programme designed to develop people to the post-conventional stages of New Leadership. It includes: Gaining New Perspectives, Orientation Guidance, Workplace Activities, Coaching, Intensive Development Week, Leadership Challenge, Action Inquiry, and Review Weekend.

Gaining New Perspectives: Once leaders have embarked on this programme they have access to an EBSCO Learning Portal allowing them to complete some pre-work. This involves reading book summaries and articles, and viewing TED Lectures and videos.  The purpose of the content in this portal is to not to teach knowledge, but to challenge the leader’s current world views and stimulate new perspectives.  The content in the EBSCO Learning Portal will cover:


  • Adult developmental psychology
  • Post-conventional leadership
  • Economics
  • Holistic science
  • Ecology
  • Spirituality

Orientation Guidance: A discussion to guide the leader towards the material within the Learning Portal which is most relevant to their needs and expectations.

Gaining Psychological Agility: Practising workplace development activities designed to increase agility in how the leader thinks, feels and behaves.

Developmental Coaching: To hold the leader at their learning edge, and support them during a period of anxiety, as a new way of perceiving and understanding the world starts to emerge (four one hour individual coaching sessions with a Leadership Psychologist).

Intensive Development Week: This is an intensive week of personal development where the leader is invited to engage in techniques designed to facilitate greater agility in thinking, feeling and behaving, build resilience and well-being, and encourage the letting go of ego.  During the module the leaders will go on field trips within the Centre for Alternative Technology and the wilderness of Snowdonia. The techniques used during this week will be:

  • Self-compassion
  • Working with Ego Defences
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Creative Dialogue
  • Activities for Agility
  • ACT Techniques
  • Embodiment
  • Presencing
  • Wilderness Work
  • Silent Work
  • Power Hour Coaching
  • Action Inquiry Practice

Facing a Developmental Challenge: Research has found that leaders develop by engaging in challenges which trigger new ways of perceiving, understanding, and engaging with their world.  During the Orientation Weekend and the Intensive Development Week, the leader receives guidance on how to find the most appropriate challenge for their development.  

Action Inquiry Groups: Offers leaders the possibility of paying greater conscious attention to their intentions, strategies, actions and outcomes as they exercise leadership to face and overcome their developmental challenge.

Review: The programme finishes with a Review Weekend, where the leader is invited to:

  • Self-reflect and engage in an Action Inquiry Group
  • Present their experience of engaging in their Developmental Challenge
  • Practise Mindfulness
  • Celebrate
  • Plan their further development


Independent Fee: £4,000.00
Not-for-Profit Fee: £5,000.00
Corporate Fee: £6,000.00

Fees include single accommodation, all meals, field trips, materials, coaching and facilitated sessions.





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