Beth McManus

Freelance Psychologist & Illustrator


Meet the Team Beth McManus

Beth is a freelance psychologist, coach and illustrator who is particularly interested in the experiences of young people and volunteers in the workplace. She has collaborated on a number of projects with Create Seven to date, including the pilot of a young leadership programme. Her central values are authenticity, justice and creativity and working as a freelancer enables Beth to ensure that her work is values-driven, seeking to promote ethical practices and minimise environmental impact. Her psychological work centres around wellbeing and inclusive working practices. As a qualified coach, Beth is currently volunteering with the Pankhurst Centre’s ‘Some Women’ programme to coach women who display leadership potential but do not have access to traditional support networks. Creativity is her superpower and she is fascinated by the intersection of creativity and psychology which she has been exploring through a series of articles for The Psychologist magazine and through her work as an illustrator. Beth’s artistic practice is mainly digital but she has recently been exploring physical printmaking techniques favouring environmentally sound processes such as linocut and letterpress using vegetable based inks and recycled papers.

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